Golden Retriever Information – The Best Family Dog?

english cream golden retrievers


Golden retriever information is at a premium these days, such is the interest in this fantastic dog. The golden retriever is now one of the most popular breed of dogs in the United States and Europe. Known for its golden coat, this dog is very active and energetic. This is one of the secrets behind its huge popularity and the level of interest in golden retriever information.

The golden retriever can also adapt to many different lifestyles. Other qualities, particularly its personality, love of people, desire to please and tireless work ethic, also make it ideal for search and rescue, and working with the blind.

They are intelligent, and like nothing more than making their owners demonstrably happy. All of these qualities explain the demand for the breed, and the sheer volume of golden retriever information available today.

Because of its hunting background, the golden retriever needs to exercise every day. All that energy needs a release. They love to run, swim, retrieve and play. Their other main demand is company; they absolutely thrive based on human contact.

 Linked to that intelligence, the golden retriever loves nothing more than learning new tricks. Their innate ability to retrieve means they excel at the usual dog games like Frisbee or catching tennis balls. You notice just how incredibly agile these dogs are when watching them play these games. They have a real enthusiasm for everything they do (which is why they are such good work dogs) and a passion for life, which positively adds to your own and that of your family. They are wonderful with children.

Probably the best thing you can do to minimise potential health issues is to buy your puppy from a reputable breeder. This is the very best golden retriever information I can share with you.

In Great Britain, the Kennel Club and the British Veterinary Association run health schemes for inherited conditions, including a database and DNA test results for registered dogs. The American Kennel Club, like its British counterpart, has a wealth of golden retriever information you can access, as will your vet.  They are not good guard dogs – far too trusting, friendly and accepting of strangers for that. But for many people, the golden retriever is the perfect family pet.